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PennEast Pipeline is Cancelled!

by Abigail M. Jones, Vice President of Legal and Policy
Earlier this week it was announced that the PennEast Pipeline company will cease development of its proposed fracked gas pipeline determining that “further development of the project no longer is supported.” Read more

When Profits are on the Line: The Fight Over Energy Markets

Having energy available when we flip on a light switch is a complicated business and making the wrong choices can have serious consequences. Read more

Climate Goals Remain Elusive and Will Require Bold Action

by Jacquelyn Bonomo, PennFuture President and CEO
In her monthly blog, PennFuture President and CEO Jacquelyn Bonomo writes about the Climate Action Plan recently released by Gov. Tom Wolf's administration. Read more

Pennsylvania as a Hydrogen Hub

by John Ukenye, Policy Analyst
For those well aware of the need for our nation to get serious about mitigating climate change, Pennsylvania becoming a “Blue Hydrogen Hub” would simply be continuing us down a ruinous path. Read more

PennFuture, Partners Appeal Air Permit Extension for Proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Plant in Wyalusing Township

by Angela Kilbert, Staff Attorney
PennFuture has been engaged with local community members and organizations in tracking and opposing this facility and the transport of LNG across the state. Read more

So What Comes Next for Pennsylvania's Efforts to Join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative?

by Rob Altenburg, Senior Director for Energy and Climate
In early September, the Independent Regulatory Review Commission approved a draft rule that would link Pennsylvania to RGGI. So what comes next in this long process? Read more

Climate Denial and Pennsylvania Politics: The Ultimate Alternative Universe

by Jacquelyn Bonomo, PennFuture President and CEO
Our infrastructure cannot withstand climate impacts, and our earth’s protective natural systems have deteriorated and are collapsing into floods, fire, and worse. Read more

Philadelphia Has an Urban Planning Problem

by Adam Nagel, Campaign Manager
We can no longer delay in securing a city that is clean, green, and carbon neutral. Read more

Civilian Conservation Corps: Then and Now

by Annie Regan, Senior Program Manager
The Civilian Conservation Corps played a critical role healing our environment and putting Americans back to work. Read more

Chasing Bitcoin is a Bad Investment for Pennsylvania

by Rob Altenburg, Senior Director for Energy and Climate
It takes an obscene amount of energy to mine bitcoin and now companies are looking to power that mining by buying up cheap, dirty, outdated power plants just to run the computers to do the mining. Read more

PennFuture, Partners Challenge DEP's Approval of Renovo Energy Center

by Daniela Rakhlina-Powsner, Legal Intern
If we are truly committed to moving to a renewable energy economy, rather than a fossil-fuel based economy, the first step is to stop building new fossil fuel infrastructure. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is struggling with that first step. Read more

What You Won't Hear During the Aug. 17 Public Hearing on Pipelines in Pennsylvania

by John Ukenye, Policy Analyst
Pennsylvania’s pipelines have not been environmentally friendly, economically sustainable, safe, or at all “beneficial” to the average citizen. Read more

Stakeholders Making Progress on Chesapeake Bay Goals, but Legislature Still Lagging

by Renee Reber, Campaign Manager, Watershed Advocacy
After years of lackluster planning and implementation, Pennsylvania and the other Bay states should celebrate the huge strides that are underway over the last two years since the completion of the Phase 3 WIP. Read more

It's Time to Reimagine America's Infrastructure

by Adam Nagel, Campaign Manager
If we are truly willing to invest trillions of dollars into building back better, then let’s make sure we do just that. Read more

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules that Drilling Revenues from State Forests Must be Used for Conservation

by Emily Rollins, Legal Intern
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional for the General Assembly to transfer oil and gas lease funds designated for environmental conservation to the general fund for non-conservation purposes. Read more

Maine’s Innovative Response to Plastics Pollution and What the Rest of Us Can Learn From it

by John Ukenye, Policy Analyst
Something must be done to tackle our plastic waste problem in the U.S., and states like Maine might be leading the way and teaching us all a thing or two about finally solving this issue. Read more

What comes next for plastic bags in Pennsylvania?

by Jessica O'Neill, Senior Attorney
July began with the expiration of a statewide restriction on banning the use of plastic bags. Read more

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