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Summer 2024 Legal Interns

by Abigail M. Jones, Vice President of Legal and Policy
Introducing PennFuture's Legal interns: Andriana Vega, Jessie Staley, and Jasmine Gunning. Read more

New Air Quality Report Shows More Work To Be Done For Pennsylvania’s Air

by Angela Kilbert, Staff Attorney
The 2024 “State of the Air” reports shows that many Pennsylvanians are still experiencing the harmful effects of air pollution. Read more

Public Participation, Public Power: PennFuture’s Community Land Use Process Guidebook

by Brigitte Meyer, Staff Attorney
The guide is designed to give Pennsylvanian residents the knowledge and tools they need to understand and effectively participate in local land use decision-making processes. Read more

Moore Township Decision Demonstrates Importance Of Robust Warehouse Ordinances

by Brigitte Meyer, Staff Attorney
A recent decision by the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas demonstrates how robust zoning ordinances can protect the environment and surrounding communities from the impacts of logistics development. Read more

Let the Failed DNA Hydrogen Hub Go and Turn the Page to a Cleaner Future

by Donna Kohut, Policy Manager for Sustainable Economics
So why is Team PA attempting to move forward with the Ohio-Pennsylvania-West Virginia dirty hydrogen project without the funds? Read more

The People Have A Right: A Brief Overview Of Environmental Rights Amendment Case Law

by Brigitte Meyer, Staff Attorney
A brief history of the Environmental Rights Amendment court cases and the decisions that interpret and apply this important law. Read more

The Delaware River has a pollution problem, and PWD can’t scare it into going away

by Emma Bast, Staff Attorney, Jessica O'Neill, Senior Attorney
By telling Philadelphians that they can’t have a healthy river without a “big spike” in their water bills, the Philadelphia Water Department is unnecessarily pitting Philadelphians against their own environment. Read more

Zoning, Not Popular Vote, Should Determine 'Warehouse' Development

by Brigitte Meyer, Staff Attorney
A proposed bill in the Pennsylvania legislature attempts to manage the proliferation of logistics facilities by voter referendum. Read more

Mapping Climate Change By Viewing USDA's Plant Hardiness Zones

by Brigitte Meyer, Staff Attorney
This month, the USDA released the first update to its Plant Hardiness Zone Map in more than a decade, providing a stark, full-color depiction of the progress of climate change. Read more

Climate Disruption on Trial: A Major Victory for Environmental Rights in Montana

by John Dernbach, Board member
Held v. Montana is the first constitutional climate decision in the U.S. based on a trial. This article takes a closer look at the case. Read more

PennFuture Appeals Zoning Approval of Commercial Development in EV Watershed

by Brigitte Meyer, Staff Attorney
PennFuture files a notice of land use appeal for Hawthorne Resort in the Monroe County. Read more

How RGGI Can Help PA Meet EPA’s New Carbon Emission Reduction Standards

by Lindsay Williamson
Power plants account for at least 25 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere, which is nearly twice as much as homes and small business contributions combined. Read more

Renaming Erie’s “Summer of Soot and Sewage” to the Summer of Community Climate Solutions

by Jenny Tompkins, Campaign Manager for Clean Water Advocacy
Reflecting on Erie’s summer, I want to highlight four community activist-led efforts that provide hope and inspiration about our ability to affect change. Based on the examples set by these community advocates, I propose we rename this recent season to the “Summer of Community Climate Solutions.” Read more

PennFuture’s Fall 2023 Legal Interns

by Abigail M. Jones, Vice President of Legal and Policy
Introducing PennFuture's Legal Interns for Fall 2023 Read more

The State of Solar Development in PA: Solar Energy Benefits Remain Unrealized

by Rob Altenburg, Senior Director for Energy and Climate
Setting the record straight on commonly held myths about solar and recommendations to overcome the largest obstacles to solar energy adoption. Read more

How Humans are Breaking the Jet Stream and Changing the Weather

by Matthew Stepp, Vice President and Chief of Staff, PennFuture
A dive into what’s causing these unusual weather events points to something more insidious: humans are breaking the Earth’s jet streams. Read more

Logistics Facilities are Coming. Is Your Municipality Ready?: PennFuture Releases Model Logistics Use Ordinance and Guidebook

by Brigitte Meyer, Staff Attorney
Municipalities cannot ignore this new pattern of development and cannot ban distribution and fulfillment centers from within their borders. They must proactively plan for when distribution and fulfillment centers come to town by adopting updated zoning ordinances. Read more

The Carbon Rule

by Rob Altenburg, Senior Director for Energy and Climate
While meaningful federal action to address the growing climate crisis is long overdue, it’s also critical that whatever path we take, we do things right. There are better choices than using carbon capture and storage (CCS). Read more

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