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Supreme Court Ruled Natural Gas Companies Can Condemn State-Owned Land

by Emily Rollins, Legal Intern
The U.S. Supreme Court recently dealt a severe blow in an ongoing fight to prevent PennEast, a private natural gas company, from building a 116 mile natural gas pipeline from the Marcellus Shale region in Pennsylvania into New Jersey. Read more

Report highlights success of Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters Program

by Adam Nagel, Campaign Manager
This year marks 10 years since the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Water Department embarked on its groundbreaking effort to improve water quality through the implementation of GSI with its Green City, Clean Waters program. Read more

More than Skin-Deep: Environmental Racism, Justice, and Pennsylvania

by John Ukenye, Policy Analyst
It is clear that people of minority groups are facing the brunt of environmental degradation at a harsher rate than other groups, and this is true in Pennsylvania too. Read more

Show Your Support for Our Delaware River Fish Protection Petition!

by Austin Grace, Legal Intern
Earlier this year, PennFuture and our partners submitted a supplemental petition to the Delaware River Basin Commission seeking immediate upgrade of the designated use of a portion of the mainstem Delaware River to protect fish and aquatic life. Read more

Introducing PennFuture's Legal Interns

by Abigail M. Jones, Vice President of Legal and Policy
This summer, we have a fantastic group of law students for our internship, representing a range of backgrounds and experiences. Read more

Will Pennsylvania’s Environment Ever Be A Priority for the Legislature?

by Jacquelyn Bonomo, PennFuture President and CEO
The state budget that PennFuture so optimistically saw as a chance for lawmakers and the Governor to invest in a greener future, fell far short of making those investments, and the support for clean water we were hoping to see never materialized. Read more

The Chesapeake Bay is Improving, but Still a Long Road to 2025

by Renee Reber, Campaign Manager, Watershed Advocacy
This week, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science gave the Chesapeake Bay a C in their latest report card. This is an improvement from last year’s grade of C-. Read more

Federal Court Dismissed Lawsuit Challenging DRBC’s Ban on Fracking

by Abigail M. Jones, Vice President of Legal and Policy
On June 11, a federal court dismissed a lawsuit brought by Pennsylvania Republicans that challenged a fracking ban implemented by the Delaware River Basin Commission. Read more

Introduction: An Intersectional Approach to Fighting the Petrochemical Buildout in Pennsylvania

by John Ukenye, Policy Analyst
The environmental realm is one that reaches all Pennsylvanians, and sits at the center of all other issues every person in the state faces. Read more

Biden Administration Working to Repeal Trump's 'Dirty Water Rule'

by Emily Rollins, Legal Intern
On June 9, the Biden administration formally began the process to repeal and replace the Dirty Water Rule, which reduced the number of water bodies that would be protected by the Clean Water Act by 25 percent. Read more

The Plastics Problem: More False Strategies: Statewide Preemption

by Jessica O'Neill, Senior Attorney
When it comes to the problem of plastics, we need real solutions, not roadblocks. Read more

Coal-Fired Power Plant to Close Because of Market Conditions, Not Environmental Regulations

by Rob Altenburg, Senior Director for Energy and Climate
Any time a fossil fuel plant retires, polluters and their backers almost always blame environmental rules. Don't be fooled. Read more

The Plastics Problem: Identifying False Solutions, Part 1

by Sarah Bennett, Campaign Manager for Clean Water Advocacy
The solution to the plastic crisis is not simple, but it is clear - reducing plastic production and use is the only way to definitively keep plastic out of the environment and our bodies. Read more

What Comes Next in Pennsylvania's Efforts to Join RGGI?

by Rob Altenburg, Senior Director for Energy and Climate
We are 19 months into a process expected to take about 24 months total. Read more

Regulatory Reforms Would Roll Back Environmental and Health Protections

by Ezra P. Thrush, Senior Director of Government Affairs
Pennsylvania’s legislators appear eager to overhaul how the Commonwealth reviews and implements state law. Read more

Electric Mobility Legislation Could Supercharge EV Infrastructure

by Ezra P. Thrush, Senior Director of Government Affairs
The Clean Transportation Infrastructure Act will require that the state’s electric utilities develop comprehensive strategies to expand accessibility and to improve affordability of vehicle charging infrastructure. Read more

Legislators Continue to Stand in the Way of Climate Action

by Ezra P. Thrush, Senior Director of Government Affairs
SB 119 not only reflects a lack of desire among the Legislature to lead on climate progress. It reflects a failure to listen to voters across the state. Read more

Pennsylvania vs. the Future

by Jessica O'Neill, Senior Attorney
We deserve better from our elected state representatives. They need to stop standing in the way of our future. Read more

PennFuture Releases New Report to Save Chesapeake Bay

by Renee Reber, Campaign Manager, Watershed Advocacy
PennFuture today released a policy agenda designed to give Pennsylvania lawmakers a roadmap to fund clean water programs and to get us back on track toward meeting our obligations to clean up the bay. Read more

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