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How a Clean Water Program is Addressing Equity in Philadelphia

by Lena Smith
Whether it’s the COVID-19 public health crisis, structural racism, economic downturn, or gun violence, one action can offer real solutions to them all: investing in green space. Read more

An Admission and a Promise

by Jared Stonesifer, Director of Media Relations
Like others, PennFuture has fallen short in our efforts to help build a truly equitable and just Pennsylvania. We are being introspective and intentional in trying to change that, and this blog explains our process. Read more

Creative Civic Engagement During the Pandemic

by Jacquelyn Bonomo, PennFuture President and CEO
Despite restrictions and roadblocks from the COVID-19 pandemic, PennFuture has been forging full steam ahead this summer with our civic engagement work. Read more

Trump's Energy Secretary Denies Human-Made Climate Change, Promotes Petrochemicals During Beaver County Visit

by Emily Persico, Policy Analyst
Last week, Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette came to Beaver County and promoted a bleak vision for the future that includes a reliance on petrochemicals and fossil fuels at the expense of renewable energy. Read more

LNG in PA Blog #5: Public opposition grows to proposed LNG shipping terminals

by Abigail M. Jones, Vice President of Legal and Policy
As communities and local government learn more about LNG in Pennsylvania, they are taking steps to protect themselves. Read more

Stonycreek River Restoration Shows Power of Conservation Efforts

by Melissa Reckner - Program Manager for Penguin Court, Brandywine Conservancy
PennFuture "Women in Conservation" awardee Melissa Reckner shares her story of helping to restore the Stonycreek River in Somerset County. Read more

Despite roadblocks from Legislature, RGGI rulemaking process advances

by Rob Altenburg, Senior Director for Energy and Climate
On Sept. 15, the Environmental Quality Board advanced for public comment Pennsylvania's cap-and-invest carbon reduction rule. Read more

Pennsylvania Continues to Miss Chesapeake Bay Commitments

by Renee Reber, Campaign Manager, Watershed Advocacy
Despite recent planning efforts by the state and a renewed vigor in Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts, Pennsylvania continues to lag behind in its progress reports. Read more

REFUTED: CNX’s Eight Irrefutable Energy Truths Expose Industry Desperation

by Emily Persico, Policy Analyst
Last week, the president and CEO of one of the largest fracked gas companies in western Pennsylvania authored a dishonest opinion piece that spoke to the desperation of the fossil fuel industry. Read more

Senate Bill 15: A New Direction for Pennsylvania

by Rob Altenburg, Senior Director for Energy and Climate
Sen. Costa and a number of co-sponsors have just introduced “The Energy Transition and Recovery Act” that, if passed, would help guide the Commonwealth through the coming energy transition and support our workers and communities as we cut carbon emissions and other harmful pollution. Read more

PennFuture's "Democracy for All" Program At Work in Pennsylvania

by Emily Gale, Director of Civic Engagement
PennFuture's Emily Gale writes about the organization's civic engagement program and the work being done to register voters in communities of color. Read more

A New Coalition for a Better Future

by Jacquelyn Bonomo, PennFuture President and CEO
In her monthly blog, PennFuture President and CEO Jacquelyn Bonomo writes about the need for a new coalition of Pennsylvanians that will fight for family sustaining jobs that protect and improve our environment. Read more

PennFuture releases "A Green Stimulus and Recovery Platform for Pennsylvania" Report

by Jared Stonesifer, Director of Media Relations
On July 28, PennFuture released a strategic roadmap to guide our leaders to implement a green stimulus recovery plan for Pennsylvania. Read more

LNG in PA Blog #2: Bomb Trains Through Pennsylvania

by Megan Rulli, Legal Intern
A new rule from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration allows dangerous LNG trains to barrel through towns and cities in Pennsylvania without warning and without increased safety measures. Read more

A New Voice in the Fight Against Petrochemicals

by Emily Persico, Policy Analyst
Emily Persico recently joined PennFuture as a policy analyst and will help craft the organization's evolving strategy to halt the petrochemical buildout in Pennsylvania. Read more

LNG in PA Blog Series #1: What is Liquefied Natural Gas?

by Megan Rulli, Legal Intern
In this first of several blog posts, PennFuture legal intern Megan Rulli explains what Liquefied Natural Gas is and what it means for Pennsylvania. Read more

Pipeline's Cancellation Shows Importance of Renewables in Pennsylvania

by Richard Marcil, Legal Intern
In a major win for the environment, Dominion Energy Inc. and Duke Energy Corp. announced Sunday that they will not be moving forward with their Atlantic Coast fracked gas pipeline. Read more

PennFuture Secures Two Legal Victories in One Week

by Jared Stonesifer, Director of Media Relations
Over the course of our 22-year history, PennFuture has achieved significant and meaningful legal victories and, just this week, we received word that two cases had been resolved in our favor. Read more

PennFuture’s Legal Internship Program Helps to Train and Inspire the Next Generation of Environmental Lawyers in Pennsylvania

by Abigail M. Jones, Vice President of Legal and Policy
As PennFuture looks forward, we recognize that we need to be more involved with cultivating the legal talent that will continue to support our mission. Read more

At the Bottom of a Steep Learning Curve

by Jacquelyn Bonomo, PennFuture President and CEO
The environmental community wants to be a leader in helping solve racism and prejudice, but do we really have a clue to how that can happen? Read more

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