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Setting the Record Straight About Fracking in Pennsylvania

by Emily Persico, Policy Analyst
With so much media attention dedicated to it, it should come as no surprise that some basic facts about fracking have been misrepresented, misconstrued or, in same cases, completely fabricated.

Pipeline's Cancellation Shows Importance of Renewables in Pennsylvania

by Richard Marcil, Legal Intern
In a major win for the environment, Dominion Energy Inc. and Duke Energy Corp. announced Sunday that they will not be moving forward with their Atlantic Coast fracked gas pipeline. Read more

PennFuture Joins Forces with Businesses and Community Members to Launch the "Pledge to Defend Our Pocono Waters" Campaign

by Emily Rinaldi Baldauff, Campaigns Director
A partnership of businesses, clean water advocates and outdoor recreation enthusiasts, Our Pocono Waters is launching a new pledge campaign to demonstrate the broad base of support for clean water protections. Read more

PennFuture Secures Two Legal Victories in One Week

by Jared Stonesifer, Director of Media Relations
Over the course of our 22-year history, PennFuture has achieved significant and meaningful legal victories and, just this week, we received word that two cases had been resolved in our favor. Read more

PennFuture’s Legal Internship Program Helps to Train and Inspire the Next Generation of Environmental Lawyers in Pennsylvania

by Abigail M. Jones, Vice President of Legal and Policy
As PennFuture looks forward, we recognize that we need to be more involved with cultivating the legal talent that will continue to support our mission. Read more

At the Bottom of a Steep Learning Curve

by Jacquelyn Bonomo, PennFuture President and CEO
The environmental community wants to be a leader in helping solve racism and prejudice, but do we really have a clue to how that can happen? Read more

Fracked Gas, Petrochemical Industries Continue to Overpromise and Underdeliver for Pennsylvanians

by Jared Stonesifer, Director of Media Relations
Time and again we’ve been shown the true nature of the fracked gas and petrochemical industries, both financially and environmentally. It’s time we start listening. Read more

COVID-19: A Green Recovery

by Timothy Wolff, Legal Intern
We are afforded an opportunity to move Pennsylvania forward while promoting economic revitalization, protecting those with increased susceptibility to COVID-19, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and bringing our energy infrastructure into the 21st century. Read more

Pennsylvania’s House Environmental Committee Approves Bill Removing DEP’s Authority to Enact Carbon Reduction Program

by Ezra P. Thrush, Director of Government Affairs
PennFuture is adamantly opposed to HB 2025 and frustrated with the legislators who voted to advance the bill to the full House floor for consideration. Read more

Looking in the Rearview Mirror

During Char Magaro's 16-year tenure on our Board of Directors, PennFuture was transformed into a highly organized, focused and impressive instrument for change. Read more

Trump Administration Rolls Back Air Protections from Fossil Fuel Plants

by Abigail M. Jones, Vice President of Legal and Policy
Recently, the United States Environmental Protection Agency rolled back protections under the federal Mercury Air Toxics Standards regulations for both coal refuse plants and oil-and gas-fired plants. Read more

PennFuture Launches the Our Water, Our Future Campaign to Unify Erie Around Clean Water Goals

by Sarah Bennett, Campaign Manager for Clean Water Advocacy
PennFuture has opened a new office in Erie, and we hope to unite residents there around clean water goals that could provide a brighter, better future for everyone. Read more

PennFuture partners with Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania on new field organizing program

by Michael Mehrazar, Field Manager
The PennFuture and CVPA Field Team aims to make it easy for people to get involved in environmental advocacy. Read more

Pennsylvania General Assembly Punts on State Budget, Passes Stopgap Measure with Level Funding for Environmental and Conservation Priorities

by Ezra P. Thrush, Director of Government Affairs
The Pennsylvania General Assembly has passed a five-month stopgap budget package to fund most of the state government through November 2020. Here is our analysis of what's in this short-term budget. Read more

Fundraising, Events, and COVID-19

by M. Travis DiNicola, Director of Development
The ongoing pandemic has drastically changed how organizations like PennFuture pursue fundraising and special events. Read more

Pennsylvania Legislators Send Deregulatory Bill to Wolf’s Desk

by Ezra P. Thrush, Director of Government Affairs
SB 327 seeks to undermine the regulatory authority of our agencies—environmental and other—that are tasked with safeguarding Pennsylvanians’ public health. Read more

It’s Time to Move the RGGI Rulemaking Process Forward

by Rob Altenburg, Director, PennFuture Energy Center
On May 19th, the DEP is going to make a presentation to the Citizens Advisory Council and ask them to recommend that the RGGI rules be sent to the Environmental Quality Board for consideration. Read more

The Colors of a Pandemic

by Jacquelyn Bonomo, PennFuture President and CEO
We expect a different normal going forward. Let’s activate and do our parts to ensure that our recovery from COVID-19 leads to a green future. Read more

PennFuture Releases Updated Stream Redesignation Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide for Local Stream Protection Efforts

by Abigail M. Jones, Vice President of Legal and Policy
This 82-page manual serves as a guide for those looking to protect and maintain local stream quality by walking through the various steps of the official regulatory process, explaining the information needed for the petition, and recommending ways to garner support for the redesignation petition. Read more

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Attempts to Restrict the Clean Water Act’s Protections For Discharges Through Groundwater

by Abigail M. Jones, Vice President of Legal and Policy
Last month, the Supreme Court of the United States issued arguably its most important Clean Water Act decision in the past decade. Read more

PA House Leaders Push Bills to Thwart Environmental Protections, Attack Conservation Funding

by Ezra P. Thrush, Director of Government Affairs
Anti-environmental legislators in the Pennsylvania General Assembly are using the COVID-19 public health crisis as a cover to move bills to block any proposed or final environmental regulations and to attack dedicated environmental and conservation funds. Read more

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