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Adam Nagel, Campaign Manager

Philadelphia Energy Solutions Hearing Brings Environmental Justice to Forefront

by Adam Nagel, Campaign Manager
The case for environmental justice stood centerstage this week during a hearing on the ongoing remediation efforts at the former Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) refinery complex. Read more

Pittsburgh Embraces Stormwater Fee

by Adam Nagel, Campaign Manager
As increased precipitation and flooding have battered Pennsylvanians in 2021, Pittsburgh appears ready to join a growing list of municipalities to embrace stormwater fees to help rebuild and update aging water infrastructure. Read more

Philadelphia Has an Urban Planning Problem

by Adam Nagel, Campaign Manager
We can no longer delay in securing a city that is clean, green, and carbon neutral. Read more

It's Time to Reimagine America's Infrastructure

by Adam Nagel, Campaign Manager
If we are truly willing to invest trillions of dollars into building back better, then let’s make sure we do just that. Read more

Report highlights success of Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters Program

by Adam Nagel, Campaign Manager
This year marks 10 years since the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Water Department embarked on its groundbreaking effort to improve water quality through the implementation of GSI with its Green City, Clean Waters program. Read more