November 16, 2021

Pennsylvania Leaders and Glasgow: Reflections on COP26

The United Nations Climate Change Conference - known as COP26 - is officially underway in Glasgow. Up until Nov. 12, tens of thousands of world leaders, businesspeople and citizens will negotiate strategies and craft plans to help the world meet net-zero emissions goals by 2050. 

Simply put, COP26 is the latest and best chance for our leaders to come together for meaningful action that will help our world avoid the very worst impacts of the climate crisis. 

The stakes are undoubtedly high, which is why PennFuture is partnering with Pennsylvania leaders like U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto, National Wildlife Federation’s Kim Martinez, and renowned climate scientist and PennFuture board member Michael E. Mann for a webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 16 at noon to debrief the event! 

During the webinar, the participants - all of whom (aside from Dr. Mann) actually attended COP26 in Glasgow - will offer their perspectives on what unfolded at the conference, as well as their hopes and reflections on the actions that will follow. 

This is your chance to get an insider’s perspective on what happened at COP26 from Pennsylvania leaders who were there, and to hear directly from those leaders who will now be tasked with helping to implement some of these strategies agreed upon at the conference. 

Be sure to join us at noon on Tuesday, Nov. 16 for an enlightening and informative webinar with Pennsylvania leaders fresh off the frontlines at Glasgow!

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