Leading the Transition From a Dirty Energy Past to a Clean Energy Future

From early coal mines in the mid-1700s to the nation’s first oil well in 1859, Pennsylvania is no stranger to extractive energy industries. The commonwealth is the second largest producer of natural gas and the fourth largest producer of coal in the nation. 

Dirty energy sources emit carbon, methane and other pollutants that contribute to climate change, threaten public health and harm our environment. Pennsylvania is the third largest carbon emitting state, and we have a major role to play in reducing emissions. 

Clean, renewable energy comes from sources that are naturally renewing, don’t emit significant greenhouse gasses and don’t contribute to climate change, including solar, wind and geothermal. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania only gets about 5% of its energy from renewable sources, but we have a great opportunity to become a clean energy leader. The future is in our hands.

The latest:

Focus Areas

We can reduce overall emissions by 50% by 2025 and cut them to 0 by 2050.

Overcoming Centuries of Dirty Energy is No Easy Task

  • $3.2 billion

    Fossil fuel subsidies during 2012-13

    And it doesn’t stop with the direct giveaways. While you don’t pay a sales tax on home heating fuel, energy efficient purchases like insulation, solar panels, or more efficient windows are taxed. 

    Learn more from our Fossil Fuel Subsidy Report >

  • 41

    Pennsylvania’s ranking for clean energy production

    Pennsylvania was an early leader in promoting clean energy such as wind and solar, but now, our clean energy portfolio is falling behind. If we tie ourselves to long-term investments in fossil fuels by building new infrastructure and subsidizing fuel use, it will be harder to transition in the future.

  • $1.5 - $2 trillion

    Investment required to modernize the U.S. grid

    Recent weather events like Superstorm Sandy and the Blizzard of 2016 have raised fresh concerns that Pennsylvania’s aging electricity infrastructure is incapable of powering the commonwealth under the strains of global climate change. As global temperatures continue to increase, extreme weather events will continue to strain, and potentially break, the century old grid system.

Join Us in the Fight for Solutions That Matter for Pennsylvania

Natural gas is not a bridge fuel to a zero carbon future.

PennFuture believes we need to dispense with the notion of natural gas as a bridge fuel and move expeditiously toward a clean energy economy. The risks to people, place and planet are simply too great.

PennFuture’s team across the state works on the following solutions:

Implement strong pollution regulations like the Clean Power Plan and state methane rule

By implementing these rules, intended to be flexible and tailored for Pennsylvania’s needs, we have the opportunity to reduce pollution, create jobs and save consumers money. 

Invest in clean energy, not more pipelines

PennFuture’s tool kit of clean energy strategies for communities and individuals will help modernize homes, neighborhoods, and public infrastructure with wise investments for our future. 

Establish and enforce local and state policies that promote clean energy development

Outdated local ordinances can limit clean energy development or favor natural gas companies. PennFuture is working to remove those barriers, holds government accountable, and preserves the character of communities. 

Ensure a just and fair transition for fossil fuel workers

PennFuture is working with partners to ensure sufficient financial, educational and other resources will be available to communities who have relied upon coal for their livelihoods.


PennFuture Believes in a Clean Energy Future

But we are up against powerful special interests. 
Tell your legislator to govern for citizens – not the fossil fuel industry.

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  • Giving Our Land and Resources Away

    The natural gas industry said energy costs would go down. They said we’d be energy independent. Then they took our land and sent our resources overseas. Tell regulators, NO MORE broken promises.

    Help Us Stop Pipelines

  • Coal Workers Deserve a Just Transition

    When ‘king coal’ moves away, coal workers are left without a livelihood, the environment is scarred, and communities are destroyed. We’re working to ensure a fair transition for all. 

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  • Will southwestern PA become next “Cancer Alley?”

    Western Pennsylvania has come a long way in reclaiming our natural environment and improving air quality, but a new massive development threatens public health. 
    We need your help.

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​The gas industry spent nearly $56 million to lobby Pennsylvania lawmakers since 2007.

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