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There has never been a moment in time when the voice of our citizens has been more important. The power of special interests has distracted our local, state and national leaders from the thing that matters most: the people.

Since our founding nearly 20 years ago, PennFuture has been working to empower Pennsylvanians to build healthy, sustainable communities. Our success depends on informed and engaged citizens. That’s why our team works every day, across the state to build public awareness about environmental issues, urgent threats and the need to swiftly transition to a clean energy economy.

Focus Areas

Public Health

There is nothing more important than our health and the health of our children. New threats to public health and safety from climate change, pollution and the expansion of oil and gas infrastructure have placed our communities at high risk. Much of our work at PennFuture is centered on creating healthy communities with clean air, clean drinking water and clean jobs.

Workforce Development

PennFuture is working to transition coal, oil and gas workers to new, clean jobs with good wages and solid benefits, especially in those areas of the state hardest hit by job loss. Your involvement is important in helping us ensure a just and fair transition for workers in communities across Pennsylvania. 


PennFuture’s work to create sustainable communities is centered on a desire to improve the quality of life of citizens across the commonwealth. The outcome of our work will improve air and water quality, protect resources such as parks, trails and wildlife, and create strong, vibrant communities with a high quality of life for all residents.

A Just Transition to Clean Energy Jobs

There are more than 10 times as many jobs in Pennsylvania’s clean energy sector than in its coal sector. As we create a more sustainable clean energy industry in the coming years, we will continue to add thousands of jobs for our communities and transition coal worker to clean energy jobs.

Challenges: What We're Up Against

  • Dirty Energy

    Some energy companies have been working for decades to oppose commonsense environmental protections and to undermine our nation’s most important air and water laws. Now they want to block emerging clean energy technologies and keep America addicted to dirty and dangerous energy. Many Pennsylvania communities have been at the center of this fight. Oil and gas companies continue to profit at the expense of the climate system and our community health.

    Take Action on Clean Energy

  • Dark Money

    The U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizen’s United unleashed a barrage of dark money--much of it aimed at preventing responsible energy policies. The financial contributions of powerful corporations may influence our elected officials. But it’s nothing compared to the influence of strong and united voices of the constituencies that get these individuals elected in the first place. 

    Join us as we work to build sustainable communities for future generations.

  • Gerrymandering

    In Pennsylvania, politics have silenced individual voices like yours and concentrated power with a select few. Gerrymandering has hindered a representative democracy with lawmakers carefully drawing district lines to pick their voters rather than a more democratic process of creating competitive districts. In an unprecedented illustration of this partisan scheme, 110 seats in the Pennsylvania General Assembly are unchallenged in 2016. 


Environmental Justice

The citizens of Pennsylvania have a right to clean air, pure water, and a healthy environment.

PennFuture will assist citizens to oppose rampant industrialization of their communities, especially disadvantaged communities, by holding local government responsible for properly administering Pennsylvania’s Environmental Rights Amendment. We will represent citizens and groups seeking to oppose or influence local decisions that would allow uncontrolled industrial gas development throughout their municipalities, and in particular in residential zoned districts, near schools and in parks and on public lands. 

Local Empowerment

PennFuture is a first line of defense against a wide range of tactics to delay or impede environmental protection in our communities. We empower citizens to advocate for policies and ensure their voices are heard---at the local government level, and in the halls of Harrisburg and Washington, D.C.

Science-Based Facts

We ensure the public understands the value of our natural resources and the benefits of sustainable communities on quality of life and the economy. We provide information and scientific facts about the impact of climate change on public health, communities, and the natural and built environment. We develop and deliver tools and resources necessary for communities to make the transition to a clean energy economy including zoning, energy efficiency, green infrastructure and renewable energy.

Grassroots Outreach

PennFuture is increasing our efforts to engage more citizens and organizations in protecting the environment and promoting clean energy at the local level. We are also supporting climate action on college campuses, increased voter registration and Get Out The Vote efforts across Pennsylvania. Take Action >

Are You An Ace?

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PennFuture’s “Advocates for Conservation and the Environment” (ACE) program organizes teams of volunteers to educate their state and federal legislators about conservation and environmental issues. ACE volunteers provide policy makers with an opportunity to learn from concerned citizens who live their respective districts about environmental and public health issues that affect their communities.

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PennFuture asks citizens of the commonwealth to lend their voices to efforts to protect Pennsylvania’s environment. No matter where you live, you can engage in our work by visiting with your legislators, writing letters to newspapers, planning and attending events or participating in the regulatory and permitting processes. 

Sign up as a PennFuture volunteer today. We’ll simply contact you when an opportunity arises in your area of interest and invite you to participate.

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