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Donna Kohut, Campaign Manager

Let the Failed DNA Hydrogen Hub Go and Turn the Page to a Cleaner Future

by Donna Kohut, Campaign Manager
So why is Team PA attempting to move forward with the Ohio-Pennsylvania-West Virginia dirty hydrogen project without the funds? Read more

Distribution Centers Bring into Focus Limitations of Local Zoning Laws

Tobyhanna Creek
by Donna Kohut, Campaign Manager
A recent decision made by local officials in Monroe County demonstrates how paying close attention to zoning ordinances can help overturn ill-advised warehouse projects. Read more

Aquashicola Creek Finally Given Exceptional Value Designation

by Donna Kohut, Campaign Manager
After languishing at the Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) for nearly twelve years, the Aquashicola Creek was finally recognized as an Exceptional Value designation in January. Read more

Living in the Blast Zone: Fracking's Bomb Trains

by Donna Kohut, Campaign Manager
The fracking industry is still thinking of new ways to threaten the health of our waterways and communities. Read more