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Jessica O'Neill, Senior Attorney

The Delaware River has a pollution problem, and PWD can’t scare it into going away

by Emma Bast, Staff Attorney, Jessica O'Neill, Senior Attorney
By telling Philadelphians that they can’t have a healthy river without a “big spike” in their water bills, the Philadelphia Water Department is unnecessarily pitting Philadelphians against their own environment. Read more

PennFuture and Partners Convince EPA to Upgrade Delaware River Water Quality Standards

by Jessica O'Neill, Senior Attorney
On December 1, the EPA took the rare step and granted our petition! Read more

Upholding the True Meaning of Pennsylvania’s Environmental Rights Amendment

by Jessica O'Neill, Senior Attorney
U.S. Court of Appeals, Third Circuit recently handed down a decision upholding the ban on fracking in the Delaware River basin, the latest in a series of legal disputes over the state’s constitutional protections for the Delaware River — and all waterways throughout the Commonwealth. Read more

What comes next for plastic bags in Pennsylvania?

by Jessica O'Neill, Senior Attorney
July began with the expiration of a statewide restriction on banning the use of plastic bags. Read more

The Plastics Problem: More False Strategies: Statewide Preemption

by Jessica O'Neill, Senior Attorney
When it comes to the problem of plastics, we need real solutions, not roadblocks. Read more

Pennsylvania vs. the Future

by Jessica O'Neill, Senior Attorney
We deserve better from our elected state representatives. They need to stop standing in the way of our future. Read more

Fracking Banned in Delaware River Basin

by Jessica O'Neill, Senior Attorney
On Feb. 25, the Delaware River Basin Commission banned fracking in the basin, a move widely celebrated by those who cherish clean water and environmental protections. Read more

A Breath of Fresh Air: Two Steps (and Hopefully More) Forward on Environmental Justice and Water Protection

by Jessica O'Neill, Senior Attorney
In the fourth post in our ongoing series, Senior Attorney Jessica O'Neill examines potential environmental justice and clean water protections under the Biden administration. Read more