Our Victories

Protecting clean air, clean water and our environment

Significant Milestones

During our 20-year history, PennFuture has achieved significant and real victories across Pennsylvania. Some of our biggest victories include:

  • Taking legal action against U.S. Steel's Clairton Coke Works for violations of the Clean Air Act. The facility, located in Clairton near Pittsburgh, is one of the largest polluters in Pennsylvania and is located in the heart of an environmental justice community where nearly 40 percent of the residents are Black. PennFuture also collected more than 5,300 petition signatures demanding the company modernize the plant.  
  • Intervening in utility rate cases before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission in support of energy efficiency and renewable energy, and to make sure clean energy alternatives are available to all Pennsylvanians.
  • Helping to pass Act 129 to require utilities to implement robust energy conservation programs, saving electric consumers billions of dollars.
  • Helping to pass the Alternative Energy Investment Act, a $650 million energy fund that includes $180 million for solar.
  • Advocating for passage of Pennsylvania’s energy efficiency resource standard.
  • Leading the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard, which requires renewable energy sources to be part of the electricity supply.
  • Reducing the negative impacts of natural gas production in public forests and parks.
  • Representing families that successfully fought shale gas well pads in residential neighborhoods and near schools, as well as fighting back against the petrochemical buildout that impacts environmental justice communities across Pennsylvania. An example of this is our work fighting back against the Shell ethane cracker plant, which is located only a few miles from the environmental justice community of Aliquippa in Beaver County.
  • Playing an important role in Pennsylvania’s first wind energy projects, including almost all of the first 24 wind farms, and helping extend the federal wind energy production tax credit.
  • Fighting for a strong state rule to clean up toxic mercury pollution from Pennsylvania coal-fired power plants.
  • Leading the campaigns for Growing Greener and the second, $625 million Growing Greener II bond initiative in Pennsylvania, creating financial support for environmental programs.
  • Advocating for millions in federal funding to improve and protect water quality in local streams and rivers, including the multi-state Chesapeake Bay watershed.