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Climate Cases

PennFuture joined Clean Air Council, Mountain Watershed Association, and Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services in filing an amicus brief in Commonwealth Court to support Rockhill Township's position that the Environmental Hearing Board (Board) erred as a matter of law in misconstruing precedent of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in concluding the Board lacked jurisdiction over the appeal.  This error has broad and likely unintended implications in federalizing control over state regulatory decisions and the de novo review framework for appeal of Departmental decisions.

PennFuture joined environmental nonprofits in filing an amicus brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit raising concerns with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's use of "tolling orders" that nominally grant rehearings "for the limimited purpose of further consideration." These tolling orders effectively lock requesters out of court.

Earthjustice filed a complaint on behalf of Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future, Gasp, Louisiana Bucket Brigade, and Sierra Club, sued the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for improperly regulating coke ovens – producers of known carcinogens – thus failing to protect communities throughout the country. Over a decade ago, EPA found that carcinogenic emissions from coke ovens destroy air quality and cause devastating health complications, yet plaintiffs in the case argue the agency failed to act to protect nearby communities from this threat.

Climate Policies

Introduced: Rep. Jonathan Fritz (R)
House Resolution urging the Delaware River Basin Commission to suspend consideration of a moratorium on natural gas drilling in the Delaware River Basin.

More Information:
PennFuture Letter of Opposition (October 2017)

Introduced: Sen. Guy Reschenthaler (R)
Limits state methane regulations to not exceed what the federal EPA has already set.

More Information:
Fact Sheet: PA Methane Problem
Fact Sheet: Methane Pollution

Agency: DEP
Triennial submission of Pennsylvania's updated Climate Action Plan, incuding recommended legislative changes and cost-effective strategies for reducing carbon emissions.

More Information:
Pennsylvania Bulletin Notice
Public Comment Page
PennFuture's Public Comments

Climate Blog Posts

In this first of several blog posts, PennFuture legal intern Megan Rulli explains what Liquefied Natural Gas is and what it means for Pennsylvania.
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Time and again we’ve been shown the true nature of the fracked gas and petrochemical industries, both financially and environmentally. It’s time we start listening.
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We are afforded an opportunity to move Pennsylvania forward while promoting economic revitalization, protecting those with increased susceptibility to COVID-19, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and bringing our energy infrastructure into the 21st century.
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Climate News

On July 8, the House of Representatives passed House Bill 2025, which blocks any attempts by Gov. Wolf to implement a cap-and-invest program in Pennsylvania.
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On June 26, PennFuture secured a legal victory that will force the Environmental Protection Agency to update air quality standards for coke ovens.
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On June 30, the Indiana Gazette published an Op Ed written by Rob Altenburg that makes the case for Pennsylvania joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.
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