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Take Action: Stop Trump's Repeal of Clean Water Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency has opened a public comment period to consider repealing the Clean Water Rule. If repealed by the federal government, the rivers, streams, and wetlands that provide Pennsylvanians with safe drinking water, outdoor recreation activities, and water-based tourism will be at risk.

Marking yet another assault on the environment by President Donald Trump’s administration, we need your help in letting our leaders know that clean water is a right that all people share.

The Clean Water Rule protects those small streams and wetlands that nearly 8 million Pennsylvanians rely on for safe drinking water. It also protects nearly 11,000 miles of creeks and streams across the state, which contributes more than $4 billion to our economy through outdoor recreation, breweries, and other sources. 

In addition, this regulatory roll-back would adversely impact Pennsylvanians. 63% of Pennsylvanians get their drinking water from sources that rely on small streams that are protected by the Clean Water Rule. With this Rule, protections were restored to 10,720 miles of streams that feed into Pennsylvania’s drinking water sources and thousands of acres of wetlands that provide flood protection, recharge groundwater supplies, filter pollution, and provide essential wildlife habitat are safeguarded.

Americans want the Clean Water Rule. During its 200 day public comment period, over 800,000 Americans submitted positive comments and recent research from the League of Conservation Voters shows that 79% of voters want to allow the Clean Water Rule to move forward. Further, the Clean Water Rule is based on sound science, including 1,200 peer-reviewed studies and extensive stakeholder outreach. This Rule is also good for business. The American Sustainable Business Council found in a survey that 80% of small business owners favor federal protections for clean water in small streams and headwaters. Repealing this rule would endanger more than 20 million acres of vital wetlands across the country. 

This repeal would reverse years of work that has gone into ensuring these waterways are protected from pollution. Here’s the good news: Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt can’t get rid of the Clean Water Rule without public comment. 

We must tell Pruitt that clean water is essential for life, vital to healthy communities, and necessary for a robust economy. The Clean Water Rule is a strong, commonsense policy that makes clean water a priority throughout the nation. Take action today and let your voice be heard!


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