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Celebrate Earth Day Make a Resolution

Earth Day is quickly approaching this Saturday, April 22, and there are several ways you can observe this important event. Check out the list below and make an environmental resolution this year!

  1. Make the switch to clean, renewable energy. Visit to look at your options. Switching the source of your electricity to clean energy is much easier than you might think!
  2. Become a Citizen Advocate & Join the ACE Program. Our Advocates for Conservation and the Environment volunteers provide policy makers with an opportunity to learn from citizens about environmental and public health issues affecting their communities.
  3. Initiate recycling in your workplace. While the majority of homes now have easy ways to recycle, workplace recycling is still a challenge for many companies. Speak up and encourage your company to make sure it has access to recycling. Lead the way!
  4. Report Pollution. Call 1-888-723-3721 if you see dumping, smell unusual odors, or witness a fish kill in your community.
  5. Stay engaged in the democratic process. Your legislative leaders need to hear from you when it comes to the latest legislation affecting your drinking water, the air you breathe, and the land you love. Stay connected with PennFuture and we will send you action alerts that allow you to get involved and make a difference. Policy matters. Follow the PennFuture blog as well to stay educated on the latest issues.
  6. Bike to work. If you live in an accessible neighborhood to your workplace, make the pledge to bike on sunny days and cut your CO2 emissions. Every bit counts.
  7. Become a PennFuture Member. Donate $20 or more to support our legal and legislative battles against climate change and big polluters.
  8. Go meatless two days per week. Never thought about becoming a vegetarian? Cut your meat intake twice a week and do the planet a favor.
  9. Create a rain barrel for your home. Get creative with it! Rainwater harvesting relieves our aging sewer systems from the stress of heavy storms and reduces pollutant runoff in the process. Here are a few cool DIY ideas you and your family can choose from to get started.
  10. Attend an event near you. Visit PennFuture’s Facebook page for the latest on upcoming events, especially gatherings near you during Earth Week.

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Let us know which resolution you picked by joining the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


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