Oil Trains: Risking Community and Environmental Health

View PennFuture's Oil Trains Documentary Film 

PennFuture recently partnered with Jeremy Griffin to create a new documentary film on oil trains in Pennsylvania. The film centers on Griffin, a local resident, student and activist living within the oil train blast zone. More than 700,000 Philadelphia residents (and more statewide) live in proximity to the rail routes, which run crude oil through their yards, past their hospitals and childcare centers, and alongside their bike paths and highways. 

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In Pennsylvania, there is poor oversight of railroad bridges, a lack of transparency, and minimal access to rail maintenance records, along with insufficient penalties for regulatory violations. In the Delaware River Basin, a watershed that provides drinking water to more than 15 million people, the consequences of an accident could be enormous. 

Jeremy R. Griffin is a current student at Kutztown University where he studies Environmental Science. He is a native of Philadelphia and has volunteered at Bartram Gardens. He also was a docent at Cobb's Creek Community Environmental Education Center. He is an activist involved in groups such as EDGEphilly and 350philly. GreenTreks, a non-profit video production and educational organization that highlights environmental solutions to inspire actions within our community, filmed this documentary in partnership with PennFuture.