Action Alerts

Pennsylvania's elected officials work on our behalf, and they must be held accountable. PennFuture regularly distributes action alerts asking our members to contact their elected officials about legislation moving in Harrisburg. Below is a list of the latest alerts we have distributed to our members concerning recent legislation.  

Senate Bill 1822

In late April, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed House Bill 1822, an outrageous piece of legislation that would freeze funding that supports local parks, trails, environmental restoration projects, county conservation districts and other projects.

These funds, including the popular Growing Greener and Keystone Recreation, Park, and Conservation Fund, are specifically set aside by law and are helping maintain and grow the green spaces Pennsylvanians are using at record numbers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our elected officials should not be using the ongoing pandemic as cover to freeze necessary funding to help keep our air and water clean.

Tell your state senator now to vote NO on House Bill 1822!

House Bill 2415/Senate Bill 327

On April 17, House State Government Chair Garth Everett (R-Lycoming) introduced House Bill 2416, which would stop any proposed or final environmental regulation from being finalized until at least 90 days after the March 6th COVID-19 emergency declaration by the Governor is terminated.

In addition, the House Rules Committee added legislative language identical to HB 2416 in a fast-moving administrative code bill, Senate Bill 327. On April 27, the House passed SB 327 and sent it to the Senate for its approval. 

These identical bills seek to undermine the power of regulatory agencies that are tasked with protecting public health.

Now is not the time to block new environmental regulations that could protect us from pollution!

House Bill 1100

On March 27th, Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed HB 1100, an unconscionable bill that offers billions of dollars in taxpayer money to the gas and petrochemical industries to build more chemical and plastics factories in Pennsylvania. 

HB 1100 will link Pennsylvania’s economy to the fossil fuel industry for a generation, which means more pollution and more environmental degradation across the state while we’re still cleaning up after a century of damages from the coal industry. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Fortunately, Governor Wolf has vetoed this bad bill, but certain legislators are promising to attempt to override that veto in the General Assembly.