December 3, 2020

Our Water, Our Future: A Common Agenda for Protecting Pennsylvania’s Lake Erie Watershed

On Dec. 3, PennFuture and 12 partner organizations released a blueprint designed to protect Pennsylvania's Lake Erie watershed for decades to come.

This document is a Common Agenda for Protecting Pennsylvania’s Lake Erie Watershed developed by several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with input from a diverse group of stakeholders, as well as a technical advisory committee. Partner organizations included local environmental, wildlife, and civic organizations, and the technical advisory committee was composed of local and regional scientists and science professionals.

The Common Agenda describes several threats to maintaining water quality in Pennsylvania’s Lake Erie watershed and the impacts of those threats on marginalized communities. It also identifies municipal, county, state, and federal solutions to each threat that will also promote a more equitable and sustainable future. A summary of solutions for the county, its municipalities, and state legislators can be found in Appendix A. The threats appear in prioritized order in this agenda. They were prioritized based on collective impacts to the economy, human quality of life, ecosystems, and regional sustainability.

To read the Common Agenda report, please click here.