May 5, 2021

PennFuture responds to Wolf Administration's Climate Impacts Assessment report

“The climate impacts assessment released today by the Wolf Administration paints a dire picture of what Pennsylvanians face in the future without real and immediate action to combat climate change,” said Rob Altenburg, PennFuture’s Senior Director of Energy and Climate. “Most alarming is the projection that average annual temperatures across Pennsylvania will be nearly six degrees hotter by midcentury. If those projections come to fruition, Philadelphia will have a similar climate to Nashville by 2050 and, left unchecked, that warming will continue.

Higher temperatures, more frequent heavy rains, flooding, and other effects will harm important industries such as agriculture and tourism, but the risks to public health are even more dire. This is a particularly serious threat to our environmental justice communities that have already suffered disproportionately for generations from the impacts of pollution. The projections released Wednesday show residents in environmental justice areas are nearly twice as likely to experience more days hotter than 90˚ F, compared to the state average, and the resulting negative effects will be magnified in already vulnerable populations.

The public should be shocked by these numbers and urged to call for immediate climate action from their elected officials.”


PennFuture is leading the transition to a clean energy economy in Pennsylvania, fighting big polluters with legal muscle, enforcing environmental laws, and supporting legislative policy that protects public health. PennFuture is engaging and educating citizens about the realities of climate change, and giving them the tools needed to influence lawmakers on the issues. Visit for more information.

Jared Stonesifer
Director of Media Relations