June 14, 2021

PennFuture responds to RGGI investment bill introduced Monday

“PennFuture applauds the legislation introduced today by Sen. Comitta that guarantees our most vulnerable communities and workers will receive the assistance they need to transition away from fossil fuels, all by investing proceeds from a cap-and-invest program in Pennsylvania,” said PennFuture President and CEO Jacquelyn Bonomo. 

“Most importantly, this legislation guarantees that significant investments will be made in frontline and environmental justice communities across the Commonwealth through the proposed Energy Communities Trust Fund and the Environmental Justice Communities Trust Fund, both of which will benefit residents in environmental justice communities as well as workers transitioning away from the fossil fuel industry, all while cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Without this legislation, Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection is limited by law in how it can spend these proceeds, which leaves the door open for the General Assembly to siphon or otherwise divert these proceeds to causes or programs that don’t benefit frontline workers, communities, or our shared environment.

We applaud Sen. Comitta and Rep. Herrin for championing this legislation, and for crafting a plan to invest proceeds from a cap-and-invest carbon reduction program wisely instead of outright opposing the program like others in Harrisburg. We ask the General Assembly to do the right thing and to support this legislation that will have real, measurable and lasting impact in our communities as Pennsylvania inevitably transitions to a clean energy economy.”