August 12, 2020

PennFuture applauds Public Utility Commission nomination

PennFuture applauds Governor Wolf for nominating Hayley Book to serve on the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC). During her time in government service under both Democratic and Republican administrations, she has proven to be not only a dedicated public servant, but also uniquely qualified to face the issues before the PUC. We urge the Senate to act quickly and vote to confirm her in this new position.

As the continuing COVID-19 crisis has left many Pennsylvanians reliant on the Governor’s temporary moratorium on shutoffs to keep their electric service, the PUC will face significant challenges protecting vulnerable populations as it works to ensure reliable utility services are maintained. Having worked as an energy policy advisor to former PUC Commissioner Andrew Place, Book has the background needed to thoughtfully and effectively act on these historic issues.

In the longer term, the PUC also has an important role to play as the Commonwealth responds to the climate crisis and advances the transition of our energy systems away from polluting fossil fuels and toward a sustainable future. Her experience as the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority and as Senior Advisor to the Department of Environmental Protection on energy and climate issues give her critical experience that will ensure her voice will be a valuable asset to the PUC.

We welcome the opportunity to work with Ms. Book and the entire Public Utility Commission.