December 17, 2021

PennFuture Responds to Voter ID Provisions Included in Senate Bill 106

“Our democracy cannot thrive unless everyone who wants to vote has that opportunity, yet some of our elected officials in Harrisburg are doing everything in their power to restrict or otherwise deter people from voting in Pennsylvania,” said Emily Gale, director of civic engagement for PennFuture. “The latest example of that is SB 106, which the House of Representatives needlessly amended to include provisions that would require voter ID in Pennsylvania, along with other highly concerning additions. 

Make no mistake: our elections in Pennsylvania are already free and fair, and these amendments – like others before it – are more about restricting the right of our communities of color to participate in our democracy than anything pertaining to election integrity or security. We strongly urge our lawmakers to abandon this reckless attack on our voting rights when the General Assembly returns to session in the new year.


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Jared Stonesifer
Director of Media Relations