January 25, 2022

PennFuture Responds to State Senate Hearing on Stormwater Fees

Today, the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, chaired by Senator Gene Yaw, met to hear from municipal governments and authorities, stormwater engineers, and environmental stakeholders about the importance of managing stormwater and how local stormwater fees are an equitable source of dedicated funding to provide this service. 

PennFuture Campaign Manager for Watershed Advocacy Renee Reber said it was clear listening to the experts at the hearing that stormwater management is a service in which everyone benefits and everyone has a responsibility. 

“We are seeing an increase in stormwater fees implemented across the Commonwealth as a fair and equitable way for municipal governments and authorities to generate a local dedicated source of funding for stormwater management programs and practices. Improperly managed stormwater increases flooding, impacts property values, and harms our rivers and streams.

Runoff and pollution from impervious surfaces is a leading cause of pollution in Pennsylvania and across the country. PennFuture advocates for state and local stormwater management programs, especially those utilizing green stormwater infrastructure, to ensure our communities can thrive and benefit from access to healthy creeks and rivers.

Unfortunately, as highlighted in today’s hearing, where stormwater fees are in place, the Commonwealth refuses to pay their share, which places a higher burden on all other ratepayers.   

We applaud Pennsylvania’s communities for recognizing the importance of stormwater management and those who implement dedicated local sources of funding to ensure local programs protect our communities and waterways. We thank Senator Yaw for holding this hearing and pledging to see what can be done to hold the Commonwealth accountable to its obligation to pay its share."


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Jared Stonesifer
Director of Media Relations