December 15, 2021

PennFuture Responds to RGGI Disapproval Resolution Passed in House

“The disapproval resolution passed in the House of Representatives this evening is nothing more than obstructionist politics at its worst,” said PennFuture President and CEO Jacquelyn Bonomo. “Implementing a carbon reduction program in Pennsylvania similar to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative would unquestionably save lives, create jobs, and protect the most vulnerable of our residents against corporate pollution, yet some of our lawmakers are ignoring the law and inventing their own rules in a crass attempt to delay implementation because they are beholden to dirty fossil fuel interests that prioritize profits over our health. 

The science is clear: Pennsylvania must transition to a clean energy economy, and we must do everything in our power to lower our carbon emissions as quickly as we can. The disapproval resolution is just one more intentional roadblock intended to slow or all together stop that progress, to the detriment of all Pennsylvanians, and that is unacceptable.”  


PennFuture is leading the transition to a clean energy economy in Pennsylvania, fighting big polluters with legal muscle, enforcing environmental laws, and supporting legislative policy that protects public health. PennFuture is engaging and educating citizens about the realities of climate change, and giving them the tools needed to influence lawmakers on the issues. Visit for more information.

Jared Stonesifer
Director of Media Relations