September 27, 2020

PennFuture Letter to the Editor in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pennsylvanians deserve a clean environment

The Shale Insight Conference begins Monday, celebrating its tenth-annual gathering of politicians and industry officials who will yet again tout the perceived benefits of fracked gas for Pennsylvania and the country as a whole.

What they won’t tell us, however, are the many and detailed harms resulting from shale gas development, spelled out most recently in a damning report from Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

“We started getting sores all over us,” recounts one impacted resident profiled in the report. “We were sick to our stomachs.”

Debilitating health issues, permanently contaminated water wells, polluted air and dead livestock. All were detailed in a report that made one fact crystal clear: where fracking occurs, detrimental impacts to health and the environment follow.

The shocking stories shared by our fellow Pennsylvanians in the attorney general’s report are not exaggerations or fabrications. To the contrary, several fracking companies have already been criminally charged in Pennsylvania for their continued disregard for our residents and our environment.

We can do better than this in Pennsylvania. We certainly deserve better than this.

When you hear politicians and industry officials tout the benefits of “natural” gas at this conference, listen instead for everything that is left unsaid.

Policy Analyst