May 6, 2024 Leigh Martinez

PACER and PRESS Legislation Shows Promise of a Cleaner Energy Future; PennFuture Looks Ahead at Strengthening Policies

PennFuture remains dedicated to supporting a bold plan for Pennsylvania to reduce harmful and climate-altering emissions in its energy sector.

PennFuture welcomes the introduction of two new pieces of legislation that aim to significantly reduce toxic greenhouse gas emissions and promote the development of Pennsylvania’s clean energy infrastructure. We look forward to the meaningful discussion that will take place in the PA General Assembly regarding how Pennsylvania can responsibly address the existential threat of climate change.

The responsibility now lies with the General Assembly to hold hearings on the Pennsylvania Climate Emissions Reduction Act (PACER) and Pennsylvania Reliable Energy Sustainability Standard (PRESS) legislation.

Pennsylvania has consistently ranked as one of the top five carbon polluters in the country and PennFuture is committed to supporting an ambitious plan for Pennsylvania to cut hazardous and climate-warming emissions from its energy sector. The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) prioritizes investment in energy efficiency and renewable development, which results in major carbon reductions. RGGI remains the standard by which these efforts should be judged, and PennFuture continues to defend PA’s RGGI Rule at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court alongside the Governor’s office. 

We commend the actions of Governor Josh Shapiro to propose solutions that address the climate crisis. His approach not only engaged both chambers of the General Assembly, but it followed collaboration with a working group of labor, energy, and environmental stakeholders who reaffirmed Pennsylvania’s need for a carbon cap-and-invest program. The Governor’s approach highlights the importance of an effective carbon trading program and a strong clean energy portfolio standard to meaningfully address carbon pollution. PennFuture looks forward to working with legislators on strengthening the policies that will enable PACER and PRESS to finally hold polluters accountable for their pollution, help all Pennsylvanians receive more affordable and reliable electricity through renewable energy sources like solar and wind, and grow more job and economic opportunities through energy efficiency and renewable energy investments.