November 1, 2023

Environmental organizations PennFuture, Clean Air Council, Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, and Natural Resources Defense Council Respond to Commonwealth Court's RGGI Decision

Governor Shapiro must appeal this bad decision to the Supreme Court

Governor Josh Shapiro must appeal today’s Commonwealth Court decision that keeps Pennsylvania from participating in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) to demonstrate his commitment to protecting the climate, human health, and the economic future of Pennsylvanians. 

RGGI will save hundreds of Pennsylvanian lives from the harmful health impacts of air pollution in their communities and limit the devastating climate impacts of fossil fuel emissions to property and the environment. By not participating, we have already missed out on massive health and climate benefits, plus $1.5 billion of missed program payments that could have directly helped Pennsylvanians. 

Our organizations attempted to intervene in this litigation to fight for the benefits of RGGI and for a cleaner future for all and Governor Shapiro must continue that fight. 
There is no alternative program to help Pennsylvania waiting on the Governor’s desk. Governor Shapiro can still be a champion for clean energy and job creation, and he must appeal to the Supreme Court this bad decision for Pennsylvania’s future.