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Your Donation Keeps Eagles Safe in Their Nests

PennFuture's work to protect and sustain the natural habitats of Pennsylvania’s wildlife is effective - and sometimes that hard work leads to other environmental benefits – like a new park! 

A 600-acre woodland set high on a hilltop overlooking the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh, known as Hays Woods, has long had an amazing diversity of wildlife that called it home. So, when Hays Woods became a high-profile, proposed location for a strip mine intended to level its hills and fill its stream valleys to pave the way for a race track and casino, PennFuture’s Vice President of Legal Affairs, George Jugovic, Jr., led the way to protect it. 

PennFuture partnered with neighbors, grassroots organizations, activists, university students, and concerned decision makers to fight to protect the woodlands and streams for local wildlife. The work that began in 2003 culminated in a 2009 major legal victory for Hays Woods and Pittsburgh’s environment. 

Then in 2013, eagles began nesting in the forested hillsides of the property. Thirty years ago, there were only three nesting pairs of bald eagles in all of Pennsylvania. Today, more than 270 pairs nest in our state. Their recovery in Pennsylvania, and throughout the nation, is one of our great wildlife conservation stories. Habitats like that of Hays Woods are critical for their continued recovery.  

And today, Hays Woods takes another step to being the newest park in Pittsburgh, something that would not be possible if not for the good work of PennFuture's lawyers, which prevented mountain top mining on the Hays Woods site more than 14 years ago. 

Our legal work is more critical than ever and your tax-deductible gift to PennFuture is a powerful investment as we fight on your behalf to protect our parks, wildlife and special habitats for generations to come.  

It makes all of us at PennFuture proud to have been a part of Hays Woods' restoration and transformation to a real park. But we can’t (and never could) do it alone. We succeed because supporters like you know our work is valuable. Please take a moment to help us keep our voice strong for Pennsylvania's parks, wildlife and special habitats. I promise we will put your donation to immediate use.  

Yours in gratitude, 

Jacquelyn Bonomo 
President and CEO 


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