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Join the Second Annual Susquehanna River Rally in Harrisburg!

Environmental organizations including National Parks Conservation Association, PennFuture, the Choose Clean Water Coalition, Sierra Club Pennslvania and the Susquehanna River Trails Association and activists are joining together for the Second Annual Susquehanna River Rally Saturday, June 9, to create a mass call for clean water funding as state budget negotiations commence. 

The rally is calling for increased clean water funding as state budget talks begin to ramp up in the coming weeks in Harrisburg. In Pennsylvania, there is no dedicated fund for clean water, and the PA Department of Environmental Protection has had its budget slashed 40 percent over the last 15 years. 

“Ensuring clean, safe drinking water is vital to all Pennsylvanians. Proposed cuts to existing funding streams that support the Susquehanna and its rivers and streams would be detrimental to families across the state,” said Mariah Davis, Field Manager for the Choose Clean Water Coalition. “Our aim is to empower environmental advocates and citizens through collective action so that their voices are heard, and our natural resources have improved protection.”

Attendees will enjoy food, music, prizes, guest speakers, and plenty of fun kayaking on the river!

What: Second Annual River Rally
When: Saturday, June 9 – 1 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. 
Where: City Island, Harrisburg, PA 17101 – Beach House Area 

Partner organizations will provide 30 boats and kayaks on a first come, first served basis. Click here to register for this event!

The Susquehanna River serves as a source of drinking water for nearly 6 million people, and this is our reminder to legislators that the health and vitality of our rivers is essential to both the health and economy of our Commonwealth. For too long, Pennsylvania has been lagging behind in our effort to clean up the Susquehanna River, which ultimately leads into the Chesapeake Bay, and our current status of the Phase III Watershed implementation Plan highlights these defects. 

Amanda John Kimsey, the Pennsylvania and Delaware Program Manager for National Parks Conservation Association highlighted these sentiments: “Despite its immense ecological, economic, historical and public health value, the Susquehanna River is impaired and many Pennsylvania legislators continue to work against its restoration. This incredible waterway offers us abundant recreation, brings water to our tap, and serves as an economic engine for communities along its banks. We look forward to joining arm in arm with river advocates at the 2018 Susquehanna River Rally to hold legislators accountable to protecting this important river.”

Please join us in supporting our natural resources and protecting our waterways!


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