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Brigitte Meyer, Staff Attorney

Zoning, Not Popular Vote, Should Determine 'Warehouse' Development

by Brigitte Meyer, Staff Attorney
A proposed bill in the Pennsylvania legislature attempts to manage the proliferation of logistics facilities by voter referendum. Read more

Mapping Climate Change By Viewing USDA's Plant Hardiness Zones

by Brigitte Meyer, Staff Attorney
This month, the USDA released the first update to its Plant Hardiness Zone Map in more than a decade, providing a stark, full-color depiction of the progress of climate change. Read more

PennFuture Appeals Zoning Approval of Commercial Development in EV Watershed

by Brigitte Meyer, Staff Attorney
PennFuture files a notice of land use appeal for Hawthorne Resort in the Monroe County. Read more

Logistics Facilities are Coming. Is Your Municipality Ready?: PennFuture Releases Model Logistics Use Ordinance and Guidebook

by Brigitte Meyer, Staff Attorney
Municipalities cannot ignore this new pattern of development and cannot ban distribution and fulfillment centers from within their borders. They must proactively plan for when distribution and fulfillment centers come to town by adopting updated zoning ordinances. Read more

Updated Zoning Ordinances Are Vital to Addressing the Impacts of Today’s Logistics Industry

by Brigitte Meyer, Staff Attorney
One of the most significant changes impacting land use in Pennsylvania today is the rise of e-commerce and the massive logistics facilities that support it. Read more