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Changing how we use and make energy are essential to restoring our environment and growing our economy.

That's the job of the PennFuture Energy Center for Enterprise and the Environment. It's a job we know and do well, with staff expertise that is unmatched.

Since our formation, we have been a leader — advocating for renewable energy, building the market and creating the public will to move the clean energy industry forward. When there was no green energy industry in Pennsylvania, we assisted at its birth, helping build wind farms, solar arrays, methane digesters and more. Working with policy makers across the state and across the nation, we shaped public policy to make renewable energy Pennsylvania's energy leader. Our educational campaigns convinced large institutions, businesses and individual consumers to buy green, and we helped spread the word about those purchases and the industry behind them.

Key strategic initiatives moving forward include leveraging our message via social media among new and core constituencies and refining our outreach efforts to meet the demands of a fast-paced industry. We aim to maximize value for our members.

The Energy Center works toward broad legislative and regulatory changes that will be felt long term. Staffed by nationally respected energy experts, and as the leader in gaining passage of the first state law to expressly promote renewable energy, the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act, we find that each new public policy initiative we sponsor enjoys immediate credibility.

We now stand ready to do more. Please join us.

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