Sue Hostler

DirectorSue Hostler

Sue has spent the last 23 years working with researchers in the field of flow cytometry – a scientific discipline with broad applications for cancer, AIDS, cardiovascular, microbiological and other types of medical research.    In addition, this technology has been key to better understanding environmental issues, such as the problems created in our water systems by the overgrowth of certain microorganisms – including Cyanobacteria – the cause of dangerous blue green algae blooms.
As a pilot who holds both land and seaplane ratings, she has a unique perspective on the environmental issues we face, especially in Western PA.  She’s been able to document the changes that have occurred in our environment through her aerial photography; as a scuba diver, she’s been witness to what’s happening   underwater, as well.
Sue combines her concern for the environment with her passion for flying, by working as a volunteer pilot for Light Hawk – a non-profit organization that partners pilots with conservation groups.   As she did prior to joining the Board of Penn Future, she plans to continue to document the changes in the environmental landscape we’re seeing, particularly in Western PA, as a result of fracking and open mining.  

She also uses her flying to benefit other non-profits, such as Pilots n Paws, the Young Eagles program of the EAA, the Alzheimer’s Association, and Hair Peace.  The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is another organization with which she’s worked. 
Sue is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh – where her main area of focus was Microbiology.  She splits her time between Bradfordwoods, PA and Canandaigua, NY – in the Finger Lakes region of NY.