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PennFuture Files Endangered Species Act Petition Against Bush Administration Due to Loss from Global Warming

February 1, 2007

Pittsburgh, PA (February 1, 2007) – Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future (PennFuture) today joined environmental, sporting groups, and scientific organizations from all regions of the country in legal action to further press President Bush on global warming and the growing potential of significant wildlife extinctions this century.

The diverse conservation groups – led by the Center for Biological Diversity, including California Trout, Center for Native Ecosystems (Colorado), Conservation Northwest (Washington), Friends of the Clearwater (Idaho), Restore the North Woods (Maine), Save the Manatee Club (Florida), and Arkansas Fly Fishers as well as PennFuture – filed a petition under the Administrative Procedure Act to better protect endangered species from many current dangerous threats, particularly global warming, by fully implementing science-based recovery plans and actions. 

This filing comes on the eve of the unveiling of a dramatic report from 1600 international experts that will show that harmful greenhouse pollution is already damaging or destroying much of nature – from high profile species such as the polar bear and Mexican wolf to countless other organisms and ecosystems. Just recently, lead petitioner Center for Biological Diversity filed papers in U.S. federal court to compel compliance by the Bush Administration on mandatory climate change reporting requirements, including those relating to biological diversity and human health.

“Now that President Bush has agreed – after six years in office – that global warming is a serious problem, it’s time for his administration to take serious action,” said George Jugovic, Jr., Chair of PennFuture’s Law Staff. “Every day we wait to take action means more habitat and more wildlife move closer to extinction. Our legal case is designed to stop the delays and make that serious action take place.”

The alliance of groups petitioned seven Bush Administration Cabinet Secretaries to establish binding rules on global warming and the growing potential of significant wildlife extinctions this century.  No federal agency presently possesses any regulations on the growing threat of global warming despite the fact that the Departments of Energy and Transportation alone oversee industries responsible for 73 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. More information on the petition is available here.

The Center for Biological Diversity is an advocacy group with approximately 60,000 members and supporters dedicated to the protection of all imperiled species and their ecosystems. PennFuture is a statewide public interest membership organization that advances policies to protect and improve the state’s environment and economy. With offices in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and West Chester, PennFuture’s activities include litigating cases before regulatory bodies and in local, state and federal courts, advocating and advancing legislative action on a state and federal level, public education and assisting citizens in public advocacy.
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