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Comments of PennFuture Concerning the Draft Recommendations of the Governor s Energy Task Force

Comments of Citizens for Pennsylvania 's Future Concerning the July 2001 Draft Recommendations of the Governor's Energy Task Force

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PennFuture applauds the Governor's Energy Task Force for recognizing the importance of developing a state energy policy that promotes the overall quality of life in Pennsylvania by respecting the economic, public health, and environmental considerations that are essential to our quality of life. PennFuture also appreciates the Task Force's recognition that the development of such a policy requires the participation of many constituencies and welcomes the opportunity to participate.

By acting now to develop a state energy policy, Pennsylvania is again taking a leadership position among states to prepare for an energy future that supports Pennsylvania as a wonderful place to live and work. But much work must be done.

Part III includes a summary of our specific recommendations:  


By implementing these recommendations, Pennsylvania can have a reliable, affordable and cleaner energy supply. The recommended policies would lessen Pennsylvania 's leading environmental and public health problems like smog, particulate matter in the air, acid rain, toxic pollution, global warming, and water pollution.


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