Clean Energy, Pennsylvania Jobs

Pennsylvania lawmakers passed common sense laws over the past decade to establish the state’s clean energy economy. These laws succeeded in forging markets for clean energy that create jobs and spur economic growth in Pennsylvania. Presently, these laws are under attack and we need your help to continue clean energy’s growth and to protect the jobs of Pennsylvanians. In order to facilitate your effective involvement in this campaign, we have created two sign-up options. Click on the one that is most applicable to you or your business.

Are you a clean energy business?

Does your company make or install clean energy equipment or component equipment such as solar panels, wind turbines, biodigesters, geothermal systems or other clean or efficient technologies -- like biodiesel? Do you offer clean energy services such as energy efficiency audits or upgrades?

If so, use the Business Advocacy link in the navigation bar on the right side of this page to learn more or get involved.

Are you a clean energy consumer?

Have you or your business invested in clean energy by putting solar panels on your roof, performing energy efficiency upgrades, buying green power or making other investments in clean energy? Perhaps you haven't had the opportunity to invest in clean energy yet, but you'd like to ensure that Pennsylvania's clean energy laws remain strong?

If so, please use the Consumer Advocacy link in the navigation bar on the right side of this page to get involved.