Wind farms in Pennsylvania

There is no perfect form of electricity production, but wind energy comes close. It causes no air pollution, no water pollution, and produces no hazardous waste. Wind farms make no contribution to global warming.

Pennsylvania has some of the best wind energy resources east of the Mississippi.

We have the real potential to develop over 4,000 megawatts (MW) of wind energy within the next 10 years — enough to power more than one million homes.

Where do we stand now?

The 24 wind projects currently operating in Pennsylvania have an installed capacity of 1,334.5 MW and generate about 3,507,066 megawatt-hours (MWh) of clean electricity each year. That's enough to power nearly 389,674 homes.

If we install our full potential of 4,000 MW of wind energy, we will be able to produce enough clean power to meet the annual electricity needs of 1,168,000 homes.

Revisit this page often to see how fast wind is growing.

Click the dots on this map to get to more information, listed below the map, about each farm.

Map of wind farms in Pennsylvania

Allegheny Ridge wind farm, 40 turbines Armenia Township wind farm, 67 turbines Bear Creek wind farm, 12 turbines in Phase I Casselman wind farm, 23 turbines Chestnut Flats wind farm, 18 turbines Forward wind farm, 14 turbines Green Mountain Wind Farm wind farm, 8 turbines Highland Wind Project, 25 turbines Highland North Wind Farm, 30 turbines Laurel Hills Wind Farm, 30 turbines Locust Ridge wind farm, 13 turbines Locust Ridge II wind farm, 51 turbines Lookout wind farm, 18 turbines Mehoopany Wind Farm, 88 turbines Meyersdale wind farm, 20 turbines Mill Run wind farm, 10 turbines North Allegheny wind farm, 35 turbines Patton Wind Farm, 15 turbines Sandy Ridge Wind Farm, 25 turbines Somerset wind farm, 6 turbines South Chestnut Wind Farm, 23 turbines Stoney Creek wind farm, 35 turbines Twin Ridges Wind Farm, 68 turbines Waymart wind farm, 43 turbines

Farm name




Turbine capacity

megawatts (MW)

Farm capacity


Megawatt-hours (MWh)


Green Mountain Wind Energy Center
NextEra Garrett
Somerset County
8 1.3 MW 10.4 MW 27,331 MWh 05/01/2000
NextEra Somerset
Somerset County
6 1.5 MW 9.0 MW 23,652 MWh 10/01/2001
Mill Run
NextEra Springfield Township,
Stewart Township
Fayette County
10 1.5 MW 15.0 MW 39,420 MWh 10/01/2001
NextEra Canaan Township,
Clinton Township
Wayne County
43 1.5 MW 64.5 MW 169,506 MWh 10/01/2003
NextEra Meyersdale
(Summit Township)
Somerset County
20 1.5 MW 30.0 MW 78,840 MWh 12/01/2003
Bear Creek, Phase I
Community Energy Bald Mountain,
Bear Creek Township
Luzerne County
12 2.0 MW 24.0 MW 63,072 MWh 01/01/2006
Locust Ridge I
Iberdrola Mahanoy Township,
East Union Township
Schuylkill County
13 2.0 MW 26.0 MW 68,328 MWh 12/01/2006
Allegheny Ridge
Infigen Energy
Babcock and Brown
Blair County
Cambria County
40 2.0 MW 80.0 MW 210,240 MWh 06/01/2007
Iberdrola Summit Township
Somerset County
23 1.5 MW 34.5 MW 90,666 MWh 12/01/2007
Edison Mission Group Hooversville,
Shade Township
Somerset County
14 2.1 MW 29.4 MW 77,263 MWh 04/01/2008
Edison Mission Group Brothersvalley & Northampton Twp.,
Somerset County
18 2.1 MW 37.8 MW 99,338 MWh 10/01/2008
Locust Ridge II
Iberdrola Renewables Conyngham Twp.,
Columbia County
Schuylkill County
51 2.0 MW 102.0 MW 268,056 MWh 11/01/2009
EverPower Renewables Adams Township,
Cambria County
25 2.5 MW 62.5 MW 164,250 MWh 06/01/2009
North Allegheny
Duke Energy Corporation Blair County
Cambria County
35 2.0 MW 70 MW 183,960 MWh 09/01/2009
Armenia Mountain
AES Bradford County,
Tioga County
67 1.5 MW 100.5 MW 264,114 MWh 11/01/2009
Stoney Creek
E.On Climate and Renewables Somerset County 35 1.5 MW 52.5 MW 137,970 MWh 11/01/2009
Chestnut Flats
enXco Altoona Township
Blair County
18 2.0 MW 38 MW 99,864 MWh 06/01/2011
South Chestnut
Iberdrola Fayette County 23 2.0 MW 46 MW 120,888 MWh 11/01/2011
Highland North
EverPower Renewables Cambria County 30 2.5 MW 75 MW 197,100 MWh 02/01/2012
Sandy Ridge
Algonquin Power Centre County 25 2.0 MW 50 MW 131,400 MWh 03/01/2012
Twin Ridges
EverPower Renewables Somerset County 68 2.5 MW 139.4 MW 366,343 MWh 09/01/2012
Laurel Hills
Duke Energy Corporation Jackson and McIntyre Townships,
Lycoming County
30 2.3 MW 69.0 MW 181,332 MWh 09/01/2012
EverPower Renewables Cambria County 15 2.0 MW 30.0 MW 78,840 MWh 11/01/2012
BP Wind Energy Wyoming County 88 1.6 MW 140.8 MW 370,022 MWh 12/01/2012
Totals 717   1,334.5 MW 3,207,066 MWh
enough for about 389,674 homes

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