Pennsylvania’s environmental problems are harming people, destroying natural resources, dragging down the economy, and degrading our quality of life.

Air pollution is shortening lives, contaminating fish, killing streams and forests, and inexorably warming the global climate. Watersheds are thoughtlessly being undermined and paved over, and good water quality is becoming a rare commodity. Thousands of acres of land are defiled by past coal mining, and communities, streams, and families still suffer from destructive mining techniques.

PennFuture is committed to making Pennsylvania better today and for future generations.

We regard a degraded environment as an impediment to social and economic progress. We refuse to accept our current environmental condition and dedicate ourselves to changing it.

We envision Pennsylvania as a state in which environmental and economic renewal are inextricably linked to ensure a healthy environment and improved quality of life for all its citizens. We will ensure that the Commonwealth carries out the mandates of the Environmental Rights Amendment of Pennsylvania's Constitution and conserves Pennsylvania's natural resources.

As a result of PennFuture's work, future generations of Pennsylvanians will live in a state in which damage from past mining, industrial and agricultural practices have been repaired.

Policies, practices and public attitudes will be in place to protect watersheds and communities from the blind destruction of sprawl development. Livable communities will be interspersed with protected green areas of high quality open space, forestland, and productive farmland. The rivers and creeks will be clean and abundant with fish that are safe to eat. The air will be clean and healthy. We will meet our energy needs with power generated from non-polluting renewable resources, and no family, business, industry or government will waste energy. The tax system will provide incentives for activities that improve the environment and force polluters to pay for the full cost of environmental damage. Environmental laws will be fairly and consistently enforced. In turn, the protection and restoration of our environment will stimulate a flourishing economy.

This productive, pleasing environmental quality will be maintained because all government, business, and personal decisions will take their effects on the environment into full account.

PennFuture works to create a just future where nature, communities and the economy thrive. Our major focus areas are Energy, Air, Water, Climate and Drilling & Mining.