Our history

PennFuture was created by the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Heinz Endowments in 1998 to conduct professional advocacy for strong environmental and public health policies. Over our organization's history, we've enjoyed significant policy victories that will protect public health and natural resources and move Pennsylvania toward a clean energy future and a green economy.

PennFuture has also provided tens of millions of dollars of pro bono legal services to citizens throughout Pennsylvania, establishing a long track record of successes that have set critical precedents, improved local conditions, reduced pollution, and ensured that local, state, and environmental laws are enforced.

Our mission.

PennFuture works to create a just future where nature, communities, and the economy thrive. We enforce environmental laws and advocate for the transformation of public policy, public opinion, and the marketplace to restore and protect the environment, safeguard public health, and reduce the consequences of climate change within Pennsylvania and beyond.

What is PennFuture doing?

PennFuture has many victories and
stands toe-to-toe with some mighty opponents.

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You can help PennFuture continue to grow and succeed.

Participate in our many volunteer opportunities. No matter where you are in the Commonwealth, you can help by writing letters to newspapers, planning events, providing administrative support or visiting legislators. Sign up to be a PennFuture volunteer today.

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Join PennFuture, Pennsylvania's leading and most effective environmental organization. By doing this, you will help enforce our laws and watchdog Pennsylvania's government.

You WILL make a difference!

Larry J. Schweiger
PennFuture President and CEO

P.S. PennFuture always tries to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Please consider joining us in the use of clean, renewable energy.